Inside Outside Saxophone Retreat.

(This Vlog was published originally back in August 2016 on my first Blog site. I thought I would reshare it here now that I have my WordPress Blog up and running and can actually interact with my readers! Thank you to all of you who subscribed to my Blog already ! Thank you also to those of you who took the time to read it and leave your comments! They are much appreciated! Mwuuuah! )

The retreat is held on the MAGICAL land in the MAGICAL Music Camp owned by renowned Bass Master, Victor Wooten! Victor has created an Oasis of Musical Heaven nestled in the woods of Tennessee!

I know it sounds like hyperbole, but until you spend some time there it’s hard to explain. This place IS magical ! 

It’s filled with the incredible healing and loving energy of music, + the dynamic energy of so many talented people who have spent time there! 

This is a short “VLOG” if you will, as I recorded my arrival at the Secret Entrance to the Music Camp after an adventurous 11 hour road trip from Orlando, Fl. (With fun stops in Hot-Lanta with some AHHH-MAAAAZZING Friends!)

It’s such a beautiful, twisting, serene, road that welcomes you to the Sax Retreat! 

What an incredible uplifting experience I had again! 

Hats off to the entire staff that put on the Retreat, the 50+ Saxophonists that attended from around the world and of course to “The Bob’s!” that conceived and created the “Inside Outside Saxophone Retreat”….

Bob Reynolds, Bob Franceschini, and Bob Hemenger!


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