Playing at Mom’s :)

I’m off to play my sax and sing my songs at the Assisted Living Facility where my Mom has been living for a few months now. It can be a tough crowd because some of the residents have varying degrees of dementia.

The amazing thing to me though is that by the time I am done playing, the music finds away to get them out of the recesses of their minds and into the NOW where they light up, smile, and even get up and dance with me.




9 thoughts on “Playing at Mom’s :)

    1. Its really interesting scenario for me. If my Mom is having a bad day she can be cranky and it’s like having a heckler in the crowd! 🙂 Then on other days she will be in a better place and join in and sing on the mic. Some how the music will always help her or one of the other residents. Xo


      1. Thanks Patrice. It means a lot 🙂 . You know it’s so strange but sometimes it feels like it’s not enough. It’s a struggle some days. I have to remind myself I’m doing the best I can. She is in a safe, clean place and they take very good care of her. I think starting the Blog is a way to help me figure things out along the way. I think that sharing what we are going through in a way can help other people going through similar situations. We miss you!! Hope to see you soon! Big hugs!


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