Sleepless in Orlando.

Photo on 1-15-20 at 3.02 AM

So it’s 3:04 am.

I am doing an interview with my husband in about 7 hours in Ocala, Fl with John Sotomayor and members of Ocala Pride at 10am on WOCA (Woca the Source 96.3)! 96.3 FM/1370 AM ! You can watch the show online at

I turned off the TV and got ready for bed 2.5 hours ago, but here I am WIDE AWAKE!

I’ve always been like this. Whenever I know I have to get up early to be somewhere special I am wound up and so excited it’s crazy 🙂

I was like this on Sunday nights growing up. When I knew I had to up for school the next day, I would lay in bed and toss and turn watch the clock tick tock…….😜

I am officially a Creature of The Night.

Well, I’m going to try and read and relax. I’m trusting I will have all the energy I need and have my wits about me at the Radio Station in just a few hours!

Wish me Luck!

Hugs and Love from the Land Of Insomnia! xoxox

My 96 year young role model :)

As I mentioned in an earlier Blog, my Mom is residing in an Assisted Living Facility.

It is unique and wonderful place for her where she is thriving the best she can. It is set up in an  actual house that 5 other residents also call home. It is staffed by 2 nurses a 24/7, and the nurses take loving care of their charges.

It is spotless.

Mom is always clean and looking great when I go to visit.

I know part of the reason my Mom is doing so well is because when you walk into this facility it really does NOT feel like a nursing home at all. It’s not an institutional type environment.

It’s not scary.

It smells good.

Actually, it smells great!

Like delicious cuban food and spices.

Comforting and welcoming.

There is a chain of four locations owned by the same family. Once a month I play my sax, sing and entertain the residents at all the sites. This is always a blast and I never quite know what’s going to happen when I show up.  Some residents will just sit and listen but I always have special ones who come to life and will jump up and start dancing with their wakers and canes. From looking at them before the music starts you wouldn’t think they’d have much zip in their steps , but then BAM!

The music brings them to life.

Before my eyes I see 40, 50, even 60 years melt away and in a few minutes they are smiling, tapping their feet.

Some are up and moving around  like they just had 5 cafe con leche’s  🙂

Sometimes they sing along even though they don’t know the words. It’s such a hoot to watch them focus in on my mouth and lips as they try to catch the words I am singing. It’s a race to stay up with the beat and in time.

The real fun is going from a standard like “Misty” to “Uptown Funk.” They LOVE all the new music I play just as much as the songs the are more familiar with.

There is one location where the residents are the most aware and are “with it” (if you will.)

They are highly functioning and sometimes when I go to play music for them I am always amazed at their vitality and pure love they give to me.

Being an entertainer, my hope is to always move and uplift my audience wherever I am. That can be a challenge sometimes in these situations because your audience at an ALF can have dementia and/or be medicated to varying degrees.

One of the hard parts about playing music for my own Mom is that she is sometimes in the “here and in now” with me and the very next second her mind is off to some other place.

A lot of times while I am playing my sax or singing, she will just start asking question after question without stopping.  She gets lost in some other scenario going on in her mind. It can be frustrating for her and me.

With that being said I’m leading to this……

The Lady in the video at the top of the page dancing with me, having fun and being silly  is 96 years young!!

Can you believe it??!!  96!!!

She is an amazing spirit and so full of energy! She always gets up and dances and sings with me and entertains her fellow residents as well!

She reminds me of what my Mom was like before she got confused and the dementia started to set in.

My dancing partner not only has all this energy to join me on the dance floor but then she she always insists on helping me load my equipment out to the front door when I am leaving! She carries my sax, speakers and laptop case!!! She and her housemates always ask about my Mom and are so loving to me.

This lady dancing with me and her housemates are amazing!

One other thing you should know….they all only speak Spanish!

I have learned some Spanish phrases so I can communicate with them but it is always a riot as we act out what we are trying to tell each other like a game of ” International Charades.”.

We laugh so much, and when I leave I always feel lighter.

I realized over time that the laughter,music and fun we share help me to accept what’s going on with Mom.

Sometimes I feel like the smiles and joy they give me back is God’s way of saying…

“This is what your Mom would do if she was still able to.”

So I take it as blessing and keep taking one day at a time.

As I leave I also think to myself….”That’s exactly how I want to be when I am 96!”

Inside Outside Saxophone Retreat.

(This Vlog was published originally back in August 2016 on my first Blog site. I thought I would reshare it here now that I have my WordPress Blog up and running and can actually interact with my readers! Thank you to all of you who subscribed to my Blog already ! Thank you also to those of you who took the time to read it and leave your comments! They are much appreciated! Mwuuuah! )

The retreat is held on the MAGICAL land in the MAGICAL Music Camp owned by renowned Bass Master, Victor Wooten! Victor has created an Oasis of Musical Heaven nestled in the woods of Tennessee!

I know it sounds like hyperbole, but until you spend some time there it’s hard to explain. This place IS magical ! 

It’s filled with the incredible healing and loving energy of music, + the dynamic energy of so many talented people who have spent time there! 

This is a short “VLOG” if you will, as I recorded my arrival at the Secret Entrance to the Music Camp after an adventurous 11 hour road trip from Orlando, Fl. (With fun stops in Hot-Lanta with some AHHH-MAAAAZZING Friends!)

It’s such a beautiful, twisting, serene, road that welcomes you to the Sax Retreat! 

What an incredible uplifting experience I had again! 

Hats off to the entire staff that put on the Retreat, the 50+ Saxophonists that attended from around the world and of course to “The Bob’s!” that conceived and created the “Inside Outside Saxophone Retreat”….

Bob Reynolds, Bob Franceschini, and Bob Hemenger!

Playing at Mom’s :)

I’m off to play my sax and sing my songs at the Assisted Living Facility where my Mom has been living for a few months now. It can be a tough crowd because some of the residents have varying degrees of dementia.

The amazing thing to me though is that by the time I am done playing, the music finds away to get them out of the recesses of their minds and into the NOW where they light up, smile, and even get up and dance with me.